Trending: Top five articles September 2016

Why were they so good?

Top five articles September 2016

: Why you'll struggle to be debt-free
Why it worked: A large number of older Australians currently hold debt through credit cards or home loans. This article directly expressed concerns held by older Australians with debt.   
Author: Amelia Theodorakis

Article: Super backflip costs retirees
Why it worked:This remains a 2016 Budget issue of concern that affects all Australians aged 50+. The article proposed changes and what they mean for retirees.
Author: Debbie McTaggart

: Fit 100 items in hand luggage
Why it worked: No one wants to pay unnecessary extra fees so, travelling with only hand luggage can save money.
Author: SJ Fallick

: Which chronotype are you?
Why it worked: This article focused on the popular topics of sleep, sex and exercise, explained through chronotypes.
Author: Louise Baxter

: How to check your internet speed
Why it worked: Most Australians don’t know which internet speed they are receiving compared to what they are paying for, and this article explained how to find out.
Author: Ryan Boutland


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