Top five bargain-hunting websites

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These five websites are a bargain-hunter’s paradise. Visit the world’s largest online garage sale, or get exclusive deals delivered to your inbox. The world is your bargain-hunting oyster.

100 Bargain hunting tools  
Mashable’s list of 100 tools for bargain hunters is mind-bogglingly comprehensive. Some of the options are only available in the USA, but many offer international options, so it’s worth scrolling through this library of bargain finding tools.

Cudo is one of those massive deals websites. It offers travel deals, city deals (for example cheap meals at expensive restaurants), household goods and fashion items. You don’t have to sign up to view the website, but if you do you’ll receive a daily email with new offers. The difference with Cudo is that a deal only goes live if enough people sign up to buy the item, which means it can offer very low prices.

iKoala is another good deals website which offers experiences, travel deals, ‘stuff’, electronics and homewares. The nice thing about iKoala is that it is Australian owned and operated, so you’re supporting a local business. You don’t have to wait for enough people to sign up to get an iKoala deal – they are all available at the advertised price.

MyNetSale works a little differently to other deals websites. You sign up for free, and then at 7am each day an email will drop into your inbox announcing the next 72-hour sale. MyNetSale focuses on luxury fashion items, and you can get some really good deals on big-name brands. The deals are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to get in before the competition.

Gumtree is a website on which Australians can sell second-hand items. It has essentially taken the place of The Trading Post, and savvy bargain hunters can often find seldom-used or new-second-hand items for a fraction of the retail price. You can buy almost anything on Gumtree, from fashion to furniture, pets to pools and even entire houses.

What is your favourite website for bargain-hunting? Why not share your thoughts in the comments below?

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  1. 0

    Why mention Gumtree, when it’s owned & controlled entirely by eBay, an overseas conglomerate based in Switzerland. On Gumtree you have to pay to keep your items on the top of the listings for anyone to find them.

    Whereas there is – an Aussie owned/run company, for Australians, by Australians, quick, easy and 100% FREE to sell. This site is lot easier on which to find things than the other.

    • 0

      I wish people would support quicksales, I have tried selling through them but things just don’t sell, so have to resort to ebay where they do sell. It is not 100% free only to list you still pay a small fee once sold.

  2. 0

    Some of these so called bargain sites are just rip offs. I have more often than not found better deals elsewhere ,so do your research before signing up to these bargains sites. They send too many emails also. Be careful with Gumtree have heard some bad reports when people find out where you live and what you have they come back and steal off you.

  3. 0

    ‘musicveg’, who long since you have been trying to sell on Quicksales? If I sell now, I don’t pay any fees, they went away a couple of years ago, you can see the 100% free on their website. Unless you put some fancy page on your listings, then you pay a fee.

    I also try to sell on eBay, but the 10% final value fee they have put on all postage and handling from May 6 this year are knocking the sales for a loop.

  4. 0

    I’ve found Gumtree to be a total waste of time; I put in a search word for what I want and something different always comes up

  5. 0

    For super cheap yet luxurious items for presents I use Peters of Kensington and Victoria‘s Basement online shopping. I got my nephew a lovely boxed Parker pen for
    $6 and a $4 good quality Leonard brand slogan mug, Keep Calm It‘s Your Birthday! It‘s $9.50 flat price postage so I will get a few cheap but quality items for birthdays all together to save on postage. I also subscribe to Bella Box, a box of 5 or 6 luxury fullsize beauty products, which is $15 a month including postage. This is to 4ve myself a cheer up at an affordable price. The products I don‘t use I give away to female rellies or can use as presents for birthdays and christmases.

    • 0

      Correction, Bella Box is a mix of full size and sample products, beautifully giftboxed and the mug, top quality china, is Leonardo. I like the permanent sale section of Booktopia too. I got about 6 or 7 books between $1 and $5 for $27 including postage. The books were a mixvre of travel, childrens, crafts, SF fantasy, and detective murder mysteries.

  6. 0
    0 have good deals and great service.

  7. 0

    Another great bargain hunting website is Bargain Spot –

    They also give you a way to receive email notifications of price drops. It is really cool.



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