We reveal five must-have travel gadgets of 2017

Each week we offer a travel gadget for your holiday arsenal. Here are the top five of 2017.

Top five travel gadgets of 2017

From ensuring that your luggage never gets lost to showing you the best travel apps around, each week we love to share a new travel gadget that makes your holiday life a little easier. Here are the top five for 2017.

5. One of the best travel apps around
You probably use it to find out everything you need to know on the internet, so why wouldn’t Google also be your ideal travel buddy? Google Trips is your one-stop travel planning and booking app. From researching travel ideas to booking flights and accommodation, Google Trips has it covered. Want to get off the beaten path? Google Trips will suggest alternative tours and destinations based on the one you’re investigating. Want all your booking confirmations converted to reminders? Google Trips can do it. You can even share your itinerary and trip details with your family and friends, as well as track your journey once you’re on the road (or in the air). It truly is one of the best travel apps around and, best of all, it’s free! 

4. Never use a hotel safe again
The Pacsafe Travelsafe portable safe is as the name suggests: a portable alternative to hotel safes. It’s so portable, you can literally lock up your belongings wherever you are. The Pacsafe Travelsafe bag is made with a patented ‘eXomesh’ locking system that protects your valuables and it’s padded, water resistant and super affordable. 

3. Got glasses? This travel gadget is for you
Travelling with glasses can be a challenge, especially when you add reading glasses, sunglasses, dressy glasses and spare specs to the mix. This year, SJ discovered an ingenious organiser that allows you to carry up to six pairs of glasses safely in one case. The Eyebobs eyeglass organiser is made from ballistic nylon and also comes with a handy spare pocket for jewellery or other bits and bobs. 

2. The smart wallet that will make wallet and phone theft history
The Volterman Smart Wallet is possibly the greatest wallet ever made. I mean, a great-looking wallet with an embedded power bank and global wifi hotspot for your smart device, a distance alarm system, GPS tracking system and thief-detection camera in case of theft (or loss) and, well, need I say more?

With all those features you’d expect it to cost a small fortune too. But it sells for less than some designer wallets. Check out the video to see why I’m calling this the travel gadget of the year.

1. Two smart tags that will ensure your luggage is never lost
No one wants to lose their luggage – it’s many a traveller’s worst nightmare. So, the SuperSmartTag and the ReboundTAG were incredibly popular gadgets. They’re both clever, inexpensive bag tags that will almost ensure you’ll never lose your bag again.

Which was your favourite travel gadget of 2017? 



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    23rd Nov 2019
    I know this post is 2 years old, but why would you want up to 6 pairs of glasses? My frames have magnetic clip on sunglasses. The beauty of these ones is that the magnet is on the bridge of the nose rather than at the side of the glasses, which means that you don't have 2 magnets attached to the side of the sunnies to worry about losing or destroying. My Canberra optometrist stocks these and they also come with a soft cover that you can use inside your handbag to protect the clip ons. I also have a cross body wallet that has room for my mobile on one side and my clip on sunnies on the other and makes carrying them easier.

    As for losing keys - why don't you put them in the same place every time you're at home. I keep mine in the deadlock of my front door so that if I ever need to leave in a hurry, my keys are the last thing I need to pick up. I also have a removable clip that attaches my keys to my cross body wallet that keeps my keys handy if I don't have pockets in the clothes I'm wearing (eg a sundress). When I'm not using my cross body wallet, my keys are always in the front pocket of my backpack handbag.

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