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Movies not only entertain, they can also transport you to another time or place. So if a holiday is out of reach for the present, here are five of our favourite travel movies for you to enjoy from the comfort of your lounge room. 

The Trip to Italy starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. A gastronomic road trip around Italy to Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri. Great scenery and fabulous repartee!

Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts. Based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert of her year long journey through Italy, India and Indonesia.

Ryan’s Daughter is set in a small Irish village in the wake of the 1916 Easter Rising, stars Robert Mitchum as a troubled British officer. 

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty starring Ben Stiller. This is the story of the adventure of a lifetime for an unknown photo editor at LIFE Magazine, travelling the world from Iceland to Afghanistan.

The Way is a beautiful and inspiring tale about a father (Martin Sheen) walking Spain’s 800km Camino de Santiago trail to honor his recently dead son.

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris takes you back in time to the Paris of the 1920s when it was full of the best writers and artists ever to have walked it streets, or drank in its bars!

Do you have a favourite travel movie? Have you seen a film which has inspired you to travel to a particular destination?

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    The Taylor of Panama, just the opening scene was enough for me.



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