Top travel spots for 2016

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2016 is here and the future’s looking exciting!

Top travel spots for 2016

It’s that time of year again. No, were not talking about when you start seeing Christmas decorations everywhere, wonder how it’s already November and where the whole year has gone. But rather when Lonely Planet releases its Best in Travel for the coming year.

Recommendations for the Best in Travel publication are drawn from hundreds of ideas submitted by Lonely Planet’s staff, authors and extended community of travellers, bloggers and tweeters. Featuring lists of the top 10 cities, regions and countries to visit in 2016, destinations that made the cut are chosen for their “topicality, excitement, value and special X-factor.”

Here are the top 10s for 2016:

1. Botswana
2. Japan
3. USA
4. Palau
5. Latvia
6. Australia (YAY)
7. Poland
8. Uruguay
9. Fiji

1. Transylvania, Romania
2.  West Iceland, Iceland
3.  Valle de Vinales, Cuba
4.  Friuli’s Wine Regions, Italy
5.  Waiheke Island, New Zealand
6.  Auvergne Region, France
7.  Hawaii, USA
8.  Bavaria, Germany
9.  Costa Verde, Brazil
10. St Helena, British Territories

1.  Koto, Montenegro
2.  Quito, Ecuador
3.  Dublin, Ireland
4.  George Town, Malaysia
5.  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
6.  Mumbai, India
7.  Fremantle, Australia
8.  Manchester, England
9.  Nashville, USA
10. Rome, Italy

Do you agree with these lists? How many of these destinations have you been to and how many will you consider visiting in 2016?

Read more about the Best in Travel for 2016 at Lonely Planet and watch its video below.


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    21st Nov 2015
    It seems that country number 10 was forgotten...oops. I am glad to see that Fiji made it to the list, but it should be above Botswana!
    21st Nov 2015
    Fiji? A third world dump.
    Only a few nice places to stay and unless you are in a resort enclave perhaps not that nice. You have to feel sorry for the people though as they are living a true third world life. Makes you appreciate what we all have.
    Golden Oldie
    21st Nov 2015
    Canada, New Zealand, Austria, and Italy would be preferred picks of countries in preference to some of the ones listed. I have been to these, and would like to go again.
    22nd Nov 2015
    Mick....a third world dump? How unkind. They may not have much but they are happy And this article proves it!

    A study surveying people in 65 countries finds happiness is on the rise globally, with Fiji leading the way.

    Fijians, the world's happiest people (Credit: ABC licensed)
    A study surveying people in 65 countries has found happiness is on the rise globally, with Fiji leading the way.

    The research by polling organisation WIN/Gallup found 70 per cent of the 64,000 respondents were content with their life, a 10 per cent increase from last year.

    The group's annual global End of Year survey explores the outlook, expectations, views and beliefs of people across the globe.

    This year, researchers asked a sample of people from each country to rate their happiness, and whether the coming year would be better or worse than the last.

    Respondents were also asked about their country's economic prosperity, and whether they would go to war for their country.

    Fiji was by far the happiest country in the world: 93 per cent of respondents said that they were either happy or very happy.

    The Pacific nation was followed, at some distance, by Finland, where 80 per cent said they were content.

    - See more at:

    Some of the worlds best reefs and beaches, amazing waterfalls, saltwater lakes for the best paddling and dense jungles. Not forgetting to mention that there are over 300 islands to explore!

    Most people only know Fiji as the over-the-top resorts, where you are waited on hand and foot by Fijiians who are paid less than $2 AUD an hour!

    I know where I would rather live!
    fish head
    21st Nov 2015
    Manchester England ????Nice people, miserable CBD. rows and rows of identical terraced suburbia. Has been cleaned up a bit over the years.Airport has excellent choice of public transport to get out of the place. I am a frequent visitor who has family there.
    21st Nov 2015
    Such a subjective list. Really.
    I'm glad Japan is on the list though. Having been there earlier this year I can attest to it being a place to see. Funny thing is we hardly saw a westerner. Perhaps that was a part of the attraction though.

    21st Nov 2015
    A list of countries visited most by religious zealots would be useful for estimations of survival.
    23rd Nov 2015
    I never take any notice of the news and am still alive. You are far more likely to get hit by a car here in OZ than die from terrorism overseas.
    23rd Nov 2015
    Who has put this together??? I have been to most of these places but wouldn't agree at all with this list. Mumbai???? One of the most polluted and crowded cities in the world??? I don't see Singapore, Kyoto, Berne, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. these would be on my list.

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