Transferring from a UK pension

Ann isn’t sure how her British pension will affect her claim for the Australian Age Pension

Transferring from a UK pension

Ann believes that she is eligible to apply for the Age Pension later this year. But she isn’t sure how her British pension or her husband’s income will affect her claim.


Q. Ann
In November, it will have been 10 years since I emigrated to Australia. I am 67 and have been receiving a British State Pension, paid directly into my bank for seven years. I have heard that I can transfer to an Australian Age Pension after living in this country for 10 years and being an Australian citizen, which will be in November this year.

The problem is that my husband, who is Australian and has lived here for all of his life, is 17 years younger than me and is self-employed. Being only fifty, he won't qualify for an Age Pension for another fifteen years. Will I qualify for an Australian Age Pension in my own right as I did in Britain?

A. Once you have been a resident of Australia for 10 years you can apply for an Age Pension. You will not transfer from your British Pension.

The Australian Age Pension is means tested and this means that any income you receive or assets you hold will be assessed. Your British Pension will be included as income. As you are married, your husband's income and assets will also be assessed. It's also worth noting that your husband won't actually qualify for the Age Pension until he is 67.

You can find out the current thresholds for income and assets by clicking the links below. The limits which apply to your situation are under ‘One partner eligible’.

Income test.

Asset test.


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    Pass the Ductape
    1st Apr 2014
    Good luck Ann! You are about to enter the world of 'Centrelink' and I don't envy your trip one little bit.
    2nd Apr 2014
    Been living in Aust from 1972 and worked in uk for 3 years prior to emigrating.

    How does one find out about how much uk pension I will get? What address ect in uk?
    3rd Apr 2014
    I am Australian aged 63 with a part UK pension living in the UK. I have been told Britain and Australia do not have reciprocal agreements re pension (unlike other EU countries) if I come home. Can you clarify this for me? This pension is not means tested and was contributed to during my work there.
    3rd Apr 2014
    Call International Pension Centre

    +441912187777 on a phonecard. Have your National Insurance number to give them.

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