Comparing travel insurance policies

Have you ever tried comparing one travel insurance product with another? Thanks to the differing terminology and clauses, this is almost impossible. It is however important that you locate the correct policy for your travel needs and take a seniors discount where possible.

We may be rejoicing at the cost of travel coming down but as with many other insurance products, the cost of travel insurance is on the rise. Shopping around for the best price is a wise move but be careful not to substitute cover for cost.

For older Australians or those with pre-existing medical conditions, getting cover may be difficult and it’s tempting to take the first policy offered. Insurance conditions are often restrictive, even for healthy travellers, so it’s important that your selected policy really does offer true value for money.

Knowing simple facts such as insurance cover may be void if the country you are travelling to is on the Government’s watch list, or failing to disclose information that you may not consider relevant, regardless of the nature of your claim, can save you from making a costly mistake.

The Insurance Council of Australia has guidelines to steer you on the right path to making an informed choice when it comes to travel insurance.

For more information, download the PDF, Travel Insurance – Guide for Travellers.