Healthy travel

It’s important – and easy – to make sure your holiday is a healthy one.

Planning for your trip is the key to ensure the likelihood of a medical emergency is low. Knowing which vaccinations you need, which diseases may be common in the area you’re visiting, and what medication you may need to take with you, may make sure your holiday is the trip of a lifetime for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Travelling with prescription medicine is not as simple as putting it in your toiletry bag and heading off. Different countries may have laws prohibiting certain types of medication and unfortunately it may be the one you rely on most.

The Travel Doctor has useful fact sheets which can be downloaded to ensure you have all the necessary information relating to your health before you head off. You can even find out quickly and simply which vaccines you need by using the handy online Vaccine Advisor.

To ensure a healthy holiday, visit The Travel Doctor.

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