Travel Insurance for Australians aged 50+

YOURLifeChoices receives many questions about travel insurance for older Australians and how to get the best deal. We understand the difficulties in getting travel insurance once you reach a certain age or have a pre-existing medical condition, so we decided to source the best cover for our subscribers. In association with Mondial, YOURLifeChoices is pleased to offer its subscribers the opportunity to purchase the Canstar Cannex award winning Worldcare travel insurance.

While age is often a barrier to travel insurance, Worldcare cover is automatically available to travellers aged less than 86 years when purchasing Comprehensive International and Australia only, giving much needed peace of mind when booking your next trip.

Worldcare has over ten year’s experience of helping Australians travel safely.

What are your travel insurance options?

Comprehensive International Travel Insurance
Offering the highest level of travel insurance for those travelling internationally, Comprehensive International Travel Insurance is suitable for business and holiday travel and offers substantial cancellation, luggage, medical/repatriation, accident & liability cover. Find out more about Comprehensive International Travel Insurance.

Budget Travel Insurance (Plan C)
Providing medical & repatriation cover for persons travelling overseas. Cover applies from when you leave Australia, and ends once you are back in Australia. Want to know more? Find out more about Budget Travel Insurance.

Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance (Plan D)
As the name suggests, this is an annual policy for frequent/business travellers, providing comprehensive cover for multiple journeys taken during a calendar year. Medical Cover only applies outside Australia, and is not available during domestic travel. Want to know more? Find out more about Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance.

Why choose Worldcare?
Worldcare Travel Insurance provides you benefits such as:
· Cancellation cover
· Cover in the event of terrorism or natural disasters
· Medical & Health cover
· Pre-existing medical cover
· Specified Luggage cover against theft, damage or loss
· Concierge services anytime, anywhere
· Excess removal
· Online travel insurance and medical advice
· Online services such as submitting claims

As a Worldcare policy holder, you will be securely covered by Australian travel insurance for your domestic travel or overseas travel.

Ready to buy or want to know more? Visit Worldcare Travel Insurance for a quote which takes into consideration your individual circumstances.

No cover is available under any plans for travellers aged 86 years and over at date of policy issue.
The following additional premiums apply to travellers aged 71 to 85 where applicable as at the date of policy issue. (PLEASE NOTE: An additional surcharge for Pre-existing Medical Conditions may also apply).
· Travellers aged 71 to 75 years*: + 50% of premium
· Travellers aged 76 to 80 years*: + 100% of premium
· Travellers aged 81 to 85 years*: + 200% of premium
*Not available for Budget (Plan C) and Frequent Traveller (Plan D).

Disclosure: To purchase Worldcare travel insurance you are being referred to the Worldcare Website where you will be dealing with Mondial Assistance. If you buy a travel insurance policy from Mondial Assistance, we receive a commission calculated as 10% of the premium you pay for the policy.