Travel insurance within Australia

Travel insurance within Australia may seem like an expensive luxury, but you would be surprised at just how much you could be out of pocket if you travel without it.

When you need travel insurance is always a tricky one. As a rule, most policies will not cover medical expenses as these are generally covered under public health provisions. However, you should consider what would happen if you need to be transported to hospital – do you have ambulance cover?

Domestic policies will cover for additional expenses incurred while in hospital, accidental death, personal liability, expenses incurred due to a delay or cancellation and loss of luggage and personal effects. For example, did you know that a domestic travel insurance policy from Australian Seniors Insurance Agency covers up to $2000 for rental vehicle excess? This could work out less than paying the additional premium direct to the hire company. Or, that if you’re travelling with your grandchildren that they’re also covered free of charge (up to two children) under your policy, and the benefits payable are doubled?

Of course, some of these things you may have covered under additional policies, so it is worthwhile considering just what you need.

For added peace of mind, purchasing travel insurance may be a godsend when there is the possibility of unforeseen nasties. To find out exactly what is covered under an Australian Seniors Insurance Agency domestic policy, visit or you can use the handy tool below to get a quote.

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