Why you need travel insurance

When you’re booking your trip, travel insurance may seem like just one more expense, but travelling without it could prove even more costly. Here are five reasons you should consider travel insurance.

1. Your intended destination is destroyed
Imagine, if two days before you’re ready to fly off to an idyllic beachside resort or an overseas city break, that a freak storm closes down airports or wreaks destruction. Suddenly the $3000 you spent on your trip may be lost.

2. A family emergency cuts short your break
You’re halfway into your trip and your daughter has a car accident back home and can’t look after her young family. Would you have the money to fund the return flight?

3. Hospital bill shock
A delightful meal at a Greek taverna leaves you and your travel companion with a nasty case of food poisoning and after several days in hospital, you’ve missed your flight home and are handed a hefty medical bill.

4. Stolen luggage leaves you naked
Well, except for the clothes you’re wearing. Most airlines can track lost luggage but if yours has been deliberately taken by someone, you may not get it back. If you’re travelling with medication, the cost of replacing this may be expensive, assuming you can get replacement pharmaceuticals.

5. Illness stops you travelling
You’ve waited all year for your trip, planned how you will spend every minute, but just before you leave, illness strikes and you’re simply too unwell to travel. Many travel companies won’t offer refunds so close to departure and your illness could prove to be costly.

None of these incidents are major, but the timing of them and the knock-on effect could end up costing you dearly if you don’t have travel insurance.

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