Will we get travel insurance?

Pre-exisiting medical conditions, no matter how well managed can make travel insurance an expensive option, but, as we advise YOURLifeChoices subscriber Bev, there is an affordable option.

Q. Bev

My husband has emphysema but is reasonably well and doesn’t require oxygen. I want to know if there is an insurance policy that will cover this existing illness.

I don’t want to fill in a medical form only to be told it won’t be covered. I have heard of people getting insurance for this condition.

A. Provided by Worldcare
Pre-existing conditions for Worldcare are split into 3 groups:
– Listed conditions that are covered under a standard plan
– Conditions that we do not cover in any circumstances; and
– Conditions covered under a pre-existing medical condition plan.

Full details of specific conditions that are in these groups are provided in the Product Disclosure Statement (pages 11-14) www.worldcare.com.au. Note that an additional premium loading may be payable for covering a pre-existing condition. When purchasing online, customers will be guided through a questionnaire once they select ‘Yes’ for the Cover for pre-existing medical conditions question. At the conclusion of this questionnaire any required premium loadings will be applied automatically.

Hopefully this answers your question however, if you require additional information, you can contact Worldcare Contact Centre directly on 1800 008 614.

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