10 airport tricks for the holidays

Travelling over the holiday period can be stressful – the mad rush to the airport, crowds everywhere, standing in line at check-in and waiting at baggage claim. But, it’s not all doom and gloom – you’re going on holiday after all! Here are 10 tricks to make your airport experience enjoyable over the break.

1. Wear your most comfy underwear

We hear all the time about wearing comfortable clothes on the plane, but one thing you probably haven’t been told is to wear loose underwear. Whether you’re sitting for 20 hours or just two, you might as well be comfortable. 

2. Red wine for a long-haul flight

Overnight flights are the worst but red wine is the best. A glass of vino at the airport bar before a night flight will do wonders for helping you drift off to sleep. 

3. Avoid beans like the plague

For your own tummy’s wellbeing and the comfort of passengers around you, impose a bean ban (or any other food that gives you wind) on yourself at least 24 hours before your flight. 

4. Use the airport toilet

Minutes before boarding time, take advantage of the airport’s toilet facilities. They will seem like a luxury compared to the port-a-loo sized toilet on the plane. 

5. Cheer at security

Cheer, fist-pump or give the thumbs up to airport staff when you walk through the metal detectors without beeping. It will make their day and also make it less likely that you’ll be pulled aside for an explosives swab test. 

6. Last in, first out

The later you check in, the later your luggage will be stored on the plane. This means that on the other end of your flight, your luggage will be first out on the baggage claim conveyor belt. 

7. Empty your pockets

You know that change jangling in your pockets? Spend it. If you’re going overseas you’ll have no use for them on the other side. And you might as well have a coffee and a muffin now, because until you reach solid ground again, it’ll be all just plane food. 

8. Stock up

Hit the bookshop for something to read on the plane, pick up a packet of boiled lollies or chewing gum to help with popping ears during take off and landing, buy a bottle of water and some earplugs – whatever you need to pass the time and make it through your flight. 

9. Missed out on a window seat at check-in?

When you board, ask the flight attendant at the door to keep their eye open for a window seat for you just in case. Be polite, make your case and your chances of being relocated are higher. 

10. Take a breather

When you reach your gate, take the moment to sit down and organise yourself. Drink some water, have something to eat, ready your boarding pass and charge your phone at one of the airport’s power sources.

Jetting off soon? Here are seven more handy airport tricks, as well as our handy guide on dealing with flight cancellations.

What little tricks do you use to make your airport experience fun?

Written by ameliath