15 items to always keep in the car

Most of us don’t plan on having a car emergency but vehicle breakdowns always happen when we least expect them. Even if you have roadside assistance, it pays to be prepared in case you find yourself stranded with a long wait before help arrives. This is where planning a car survival kit becomes vital. Here’s what to include:

Personal items:

1. Portable phone charger
In case your phone runs out of juice.

2. First aid kit
This one’s self-explanatory.

3. Food
Canned food keeps forever – just make sure to bring a can opener! Muesli can also go the distance in a tight spot.

4. A 10L drinking water tank
Important for drinking and washing.

5. Torch or headlamp
For working in the dark.

6. Maps
Yes, the paper kind.

7. Blanket and space blanket
In case you have to rough it in your car overnight.

broken down car with its boot open

Car maintenance:

8. Spare tyre and jack
Along with the knowledge of how to change a flat, of course.

9. Gloves and rags
For when things get messy.

10. Duct tape and WD-40
It’s amazing how many ways they can be used.

11. Multipurpose utility tool
A Leatherman tool or Swiss Army Knife are perfect.

12. Fire extinguisher
When you’re tinkering with a broken-down car you just never know!

13. Jumper cables
Dead batteries can happen to anyone.

14. Foam tyre sealant
A quick, temporary fix for a flat tire.

15. Three reflective triangles
In case you breakdown at night and need to be visible on the road.

What else would you include in your car survival kit?

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