A day in the life at Uluru

If there was a place in Australia you would say is the heart of the nation, it certainly wouldn’t be at Parliament House in Canberra (you could barely even call that the brains), it would be Uluru – Australia’s rock of ages.

Long held as a spiritual centre for our first nation people, Uluru holds a place in almost every Australian’s heart. It’s a magical place that has also been rated as the most ‘Australian’ place in Australia by our members.

This video shows you what a day at Uluru would be like. For those of you who haven’t been, it’s inspiring. For those of you who have, it’ll bring back the memory of standing in the aura of this magnificent sandstone monolith.

There’s a line in this video that explains how the Anangu people who live near Uluru don’t say hello or goodbye, because you’re part of the community and already here. Which is why is doesn’t seem right to say goodbye to Uluru.

Even our members didn’t want to say goodbye, with Maybe that’s why so many people who’ve visited the NT want to go back. 

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