A major makeover for suitcases


Bugaboo: a name synonymous with top-of-the-range prams has turned the world of suitcases on its head. Utilising 20 years of mobility expertise from prams, Bugaboo has redefined the way travellers transport their belongings. Applying the same logic behind transporting babies, the team at Bugaboo has created a game changing storage system to get you from A to B.


What’s so different about the Bugaboo Boxer? Unlike traditional suitcases that require you to pull or drag them along, Bugaboo uses the power of push – just like with prams – to allow you to effortlessly glide your luggage along in front of you.



With interlocking cases that click together, the system holds all your bags in the one place – removing the issue of trying to balance your smaller bags on top of your suitcase. The chassis packs down into a compact unit with the press of a button, clicking into place to allow for storage or stowing. With an organiser that attaches to the outside of the chassis, it includes dedicated pockets for your laptop, passport, phone and even has a luggage strap to secure your jacket.


Truly redesigning the traditional suitcase, there is no doubt that the Bugaboo Boxer is one of the best ways we have seen to transport luggage. That said, this level of innovation does not come cheap. With the chassis and cabin case starting at just under $1500, and the ‘fully loaded’ option coming in at almost $2200, we can only hope as the rest of the marketplace play catch up the cost comes down.


Check out the revolutionary luggage system at Bugaboo. Are you a fan?


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