A portable speaker for your pocket


Let’s be honest, while they may serve their purpose, portable speakers are not the lightest or the easiest to travel with. In fact, they are everything the SoundBender is not.


Tablets have done wonders for travel today. No longer are we restricted to the entertainment that may be on our chosen mode of transport or hotel TV – and in what language it may broadcast. Instead, we set off armed with our tablets loaded full of what we want to watch / listen to / read the most. But that isn’t always the most social way to travel, particularly if you’re with companions.


And, because no one really wants to share their headphones, or strain their ears to hear the latest episode of The Crown, the SoundBender was invented.


Genius in its simplicity, the SoundBender is a magnetic, power-free iPad amplifier. In short, it maximises the sound on your iPad so that you get the most out of your audio. How? Well, as the name suggests, rather than wasting all the sound output of your device, the SoundBender literally bends the audio towards you, giving you the best listening experience when it comes to music, movies, games, audiobooks and even FaceTime or Skype.


Compact enough to be carried in your pocket, you can also leave the nifty device permanently attached to your tablet or use its magnet to attach it to a surface for safe-keeping.


Available in a range of colours, for anyone taking their tablet on a trip, this is an inexpensive gadget that will make the world of difference. All the better to hear you with.


RRP: from approximately $6 plus shipping from SoundBender


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