What travellers want when booking hotels post-COVID

We no longer care for star ratings when booking hotels.

What are hotels doing to prepare for life after lockdown?

We find out what specific measures hotel groups are taking for the return of travellers.

Travel SOS: How your hotel will be different post-COVID

What changes can we expect from the hotel industry once it opens back up?

How hotels are doing their bit to help with coronavirus recovery

Hotels hope to help ease the burden on our struggling health system.

Hotel how to’s go viral

Ever thought of wrapping the TV remote in your shower cap to keep your hands clean? Or about these

Seven sneaky hotel tips to save you money

Seven hacks that can help save you money and avoid additional hotel fees.

Hotel booking website admits to 'ripping off' its customers

Major hotel booking website, Trivago, admits to misleading its customers.

Australian accommodation group fined $3m for deceiving guests

An Australian accommodation group has been fined $3 million for deceiving guests.

You can now stay in London for only £25 per night

A night in an expensive city for less than the price of dinner.

Behind closed doors: Hotel Ravesi, Salina

If you look up heaven in the dictionary I'm certain you'll find a picture of SJ at Hotel Ravesi.

Low-cost accommodation options

Looking for low-cost overseas accommodation?

Hotel Amour: the hotel the city of love loves

Need somewhere to rest your head in Paris? Look no further than this hotel.

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