You can now stay in London for only £25 per night

A night in an expensive city for less than the price of dinner.

Behind closed doors: Hotel Ravesi, Salina

If you look up heaven in the dictionary I'm certain you'll find a picture of SJ at Hotel Ravesi.

Low-cost accommodation options

Looking for low-cost overseas accommodation?

Hotel Amour: the hotel the city of love loves

Need somewhere to rest your head in Paris? Look no further than this hotel.

Booked a bad hotel?

What should you do to resolve your accommodation issues?

The coolest hotel in Sydney

Last week I had the pleasure of staying at 1888 Hotel

Accommodation in convents

Kay O'Sullivan looks at the divine idea of staying in convents across Europe.

Discount accommodation and special deals

Great accommodation ideas and deals around Australia and New Zealand.

House sitting – affordable accommodation

Housesitting can offer some amazing overseas accommodation experiences.

Scenic Hotel Southern Cross, Dunedin, NZ

My family on my father's side travelled from Scotland in the 1800s and settled in the South Island

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