Air New Zealand halves airfares

Air New Zealand has halved many of its airfares in what chief executive Christopher Luxon says is the biggest overhaul of the airline’s domestic pricing structure in over 10 years.

And while that may come as good news to travellers, even better news is that Jetstar remains committed to undercutting all of those fares.

Dampening the news, however, is that the price cut is currently limited to NZ domestic fares.

Still, if you’re travelling within New Zealand, you can do so for as little as A$38 with Air New Zealand, or as little as A$28 with Jetstar.

Air New Zealand will release more that 750,000 seats a year for sale at less than A$48, shrinking its lowest fares on 41 domestic routes. Travellers can fly within each island for as low as A$38 and between the North Island and South Island for as low as A$38. Fares from Auckland to Christchurch and Auckland to Wellington now start at A$48 one-way and Christchurch-Wellington from A$38. Even the longest NZ flight from Auckland to Invercargill will only cost A$76.

“We have shrunk our lowest fares by up to A$43 in a move we believe will further supercharge domestic tourism,” said Mr Luxon.

“We’d love to see hotels, rental car companies and tourist experience operators follow our lead.”

Jetstar says it sold nearly 600,000 New Zealand domestic fares for less than A$48 last year, and more than 1.75 million domestic fares for under A$96.

Let’s hope the battle crosses the Tasman.


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