Air New Zealand’s Christmas anthem


Usually known among other things for spectacularly safety videos, Air New Zealand has added another genre to their repertoire with their latest release.


While there are countless Christmas jingles to get you in the festive spirit you may have noticed that most of them have been designed with the northern hemisphere in mind with mention of cold weather and snow-related activities; not entirely relatable to all of us in the southern hemisphere where snow-related activities would prove to be quite a challenge.


Thankfully, our perceptive pals across the ditch have picked up on this, creating a Christmas anthem that is more appropriate for our summer season. Featuring Ronan Keating the video shows Julian Dennison making rather unwelcome suggestions to repurpose Winter Wonderland into Summer Wonderland.


With a range of relatable topics covered the final version paints a much more realistic version of the ANZAC Christmas with funny tan lines, backyard cricket, pavlova and mozzies all making an appearance.


Watch the witty video below and tell us what you think. Should there be more summer Christmas anthems for all of us in the southern hemisphere? Do you appreciate it when brands think outside the box as Air New Zealand have done here?



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