Airlines unite on bag crackdown

Australian airlines have joined forces, putting into effect new rules to crack down on domestic passengers who exceed baggage limits.

No longer will you be able to board with an 11kg carry-on bag as, from now on, all bags will be weighed before boarding.

Virgin Australia will weigh all bags, including cabin luggage at check-in to ensure that passengers comply with the 7kg carry-on limits.

“We’re seeing injuries to our cabin crew caused by closing overhead lockers full of heavy baggage,” Mr Woosnam told The New Daily.

Last week, Qantas announced it would weigh all bags and had already started to weigh bags on domestic flights prior to this announcement. Passengers will now be limited to two pieces of cabin luggage – one carry-on bag and one personal item or bag – which has always been the rule, only now it’s clearer that each item can weigh up to 7kg each.

“Qantas offers the most generous amount of cabin baggage of any Australian airline and we know customers like the convenience of not having to check in luggage,” said a Qantas spokesperson.

“But we’re getting feedback from regular flyers who say all customers need to be reminded about how much luggage they can take on-board.”

Jetstar and Tigerair Australia have always been vigilant about carry-on weight limits, with many believing that charging super-high fees for overweight bags may be where the low-cost carriers actually make their money.

Low-cost carriers are much stricter with their carry-on rules, with all items taken on a plane, including laptops, coats and handbags, included in the weight limit.

There may now be charges for overweight bags and, unless they can come under prescribed weights, they will be stowed in cargo holds with checked luggage.

Are you sad to see this carry-on loophole go? Or are you pleased that the playing field is now levelled?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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