Airlines with the worst legroom

A new survey, conducted by Business Traveller magazine, has put together a list of airlines with the worst legroom. The survey was done in conjunction with the Seat Plans website. They measured the distance from the back of one chair to the back of the chair in front of it.

British Airways’ sister airlineIberiahad the worst legroom, measuring in at just 28 inches on its Airbus A319s and A320s in economy class. EasyJet was a close second at 29 inches.

The airlines with the best economy class legroom were Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, which both boasted 32 inches of legroom.

The airline with the worst seat width was budget airline Ryanair, with just 16 inches. Emirates had the best seat width in economy class at 20.5 inches.

It is probably good to note that although you get slightly more legroom on Ryanair than on Easyjet, you cannot recline your seats on Ryanair.

The survey collated and checked more than 8000 individual pieces of information from 32 airlines. All airlines were given the opportunity to cross-check and verify the figures before publication.

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