Am I too old to hire a car?

Fey is 75-years-old and is keen drive to some of the smaller towns outside Australia’s larger cities, only she’s unsure about whether she’s too old to hire a car.

Q. Fey 
Does anyone know of any car rental companies in Australia that will rent a car to seniors over 75 years of age? It’s lovely to be retired and actually have time to ‘see’ Australia, but so restrictive if one can’t travel the roads and visit areas and small towns outside of the larger cities.

A. Thanks for your query Fey. The short answer to your question is, while there is generally no set maximum driving age with most car rental suppliers, they will usually leave the decision up to the individual depot.

Most car renters only require your valid full Australian driver’s licence. Some companies will also ask you to present a medical certificate stating that you are okay to drive, at the time of hire. Again, it’s ultimately the location’s decision as to whether they’ll rent to a person over the age of 75.

older woman driving a hire car

And some suppliers do have maximum age restrictions at or around 75 years of age that vary depending on the category of vehicle that you’re trying to hire. This means that you may be able to rent a small car, but perhaps not a large recreational vehicle.

Here is an example of an age restriction policy from the Hertz website:

“Customers aged over 75 can rent with specific conditions. You must drive on a regular basis, you will need to provide to the counter a letter from your doctor to state you have been in good health for at least 12 months and a letter from your insurance company to state you have not had an accident within the last five years, that you hold a current policy of motor insurance with them and that you are currently driving.”

So long as you can supply the necessary documentation and you have no medical conditions that prevent you from driving safely, you should be able to hire a car. And if one supplier knocks you back, try another one. Eventually you’ll find one that can help you.

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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