Aussie airports ramp up security

Darwin and Alice Springs will be the first airports to use Computed Tomography (CT) technology for security screening of passengers and baggage.

The new system is scheduled to commence in mid-2020, in an effort to boost safety and security at Darwin International and Alice Springs Airport, as well as improve the passenger experience.

“We want to keep customers safe, ease their transition through our airports, and provide peace of mind for everyone,” said NT Airports CEO Ian Kew.

“We’re striving for excellence and we’re excited to partner with Smiths Detection who share the same vision and tenacity as us.”

The CT scan system will put the NT airports on par with the best airports in the world for cutting edge security technology.

“Darwin and Alice Springs will be the first airports in Australia to be fully equipped with this advanced technology,” said NT Airports security head Robert Phillips.

“This will not only lead to fewer physical bag searches, but greater ease for passengers passing through our screening points.”

The new integrated checkpoints will include Smiths Detection’s 11 HI-SCAN units and the iLane.evo automated tray return system, to create an enhanced passenger experience.

“Smiths Detection understands the diverse needs that airports face and is committed to improving passenger experience and security, using our world-leading technology and expertise in CT systems,” said Smiths Detection Australia and NZ managing director Jordan Thrupp.

“It is a pleasure to be working with NT Airports, to deliver a security screening solution which will enable seamless travel experience for passengers.”

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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