Perth Airport dubbed Australia’s best major hub for the third year running

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Perth Airport has been dubbed the best major airport in Australia for the third straight year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) monitoring report found that both passengers and airlines rated Perth the “number one major airport for overall quality of service”.

Carriers also rated Perth as the best airport in the country for the fourth consecutive year. Perth was the only major hub to receive a ‘good’ rating from all airlines.

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For nine straight years, Perth Airport has seen improved aircraft-related services while, at the same time, delivering “significant cost reductions to airlines”.

“The message is clear that the travelling public and our airline partners appreciate the investments we’ve made and the improved service we’re delivering,” said Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown.

“However, we won’t be resting on our laurels. There will be some short-term pain while we build the next wave of projects, but the end result will be fantastic for travellers, airlines and the people of Western Australia.”

Perth Airport has been the launching pad for Qantas PER-LDN route and has experienced some capacity constraints at its international terminal, but Mr Brown said it was “already addressing those specific concerns with two projects that have already commenced – one to deliver common use self-service check-ins and a second to replace the stairs to the exit gates with ramps”.

“We are also well advanced with our plans for a major upgrade of the international terminal as part of the long-standing plan to bring Qantas services to the central airport precinct, allowing us to close the outdated Terminal 3/4 facility,” he said.

Have you flown from or to Perth Airport recently? How was your experience?

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