BA attendant strips to sell tights

A British Airways (BA) attendant has been suspended for posting a lurid striptease video online in what is believed to be an attempt to sell her flight-worn pantyhose on an auction site.

The flight attendant filmed herself stripping off her tights then sniffing them while whispering: “So you want me to smell my shoes and my tights … These I’ve been wearing all day, with no knickers, just for you”.

The video is quite risqué – suffice to say, the attendant subverts the otherwise high standards to which British Airways holds its staff.

“We hold our colleagues to very high standards and expect them to behave responsibly when they are representing the airline. When this doesn’t happen, we will always take the appropriate action,” said a BA spokesperson.

The footage was leaked prior to what the UK media speculates was a video to be used to promote the sale of her tights on eBay.

Online auction site eBay regularly has cabin crew tights available for sale – sources say the practice has become increasingly common among cabin staff – but most stewardesses are careful not to disclose the airline for which they work.

However, some still post pictures of themselves at work wearing their uniform to prove the tights are genuine.

This particular attendant was suspended as soon as BA discovered the footage.

She’s not the first to go down this path.

Earlier this year, another BA flight attendant quit her job to become an online stripper. In 2013, two other female BA attendants were filmed washing each other in a bathtub between flights, although BA claims the two women never worked for the airline.

In July this year a male cabin crew member was suspended by the airline after he was accused of selling sex for nearly $1500 between flights.

Seems British Airways’ reputation as the most stylish in the sky is being tarnished by a promiscuous few.


Would this type of activity dissuade you from flying with BA?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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