How your local bartender can be the best city tour guide

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If you’re feeling adventurous and want to discover a new cocktail, beer or beverage in a bar you’ve never heard of, then this is the hometown adventure for you.

There’s more to bartending than polishing glasses and pouring a pint. Sure, most bartenders have been trained in cocktail making or drink tasting, but they also have experience as pseudo psychologists and most have intimate knowledge of the whole restaurant, bar and café scene in your hometown. Let’s not put this expert knowledge to waste!

Here’s how it works. You and your accomplices will begin at your local bar or pub. Order your favourites: these are allowed to be as stock standard as you like, because you may be about to try some drinks whose names you can’t pronounce. Also note: the quality of your company and conversation is up to you.

Once you order, have a chat with the bartender and find out their favourite drink and a recommended venue for its consumption. After your first round, head to the recommended location and order their drink of choice. Repeat the same process with the bartender there, following their suggestions around your town or city.

Always remember to ask your bartender about the next venue, not the one you’re currently in. This way you’re more likely to be recommended something that’s delicious and affordable, rather than be pressured into buying the most expensive drink on the menu because your bartender’s boss is breathing down their neck.

Don’t forget to sample the bar menu and drink plenty of water along the way.

The night ends once your cohort has had a night of adventurous drink sampling and venue hopping or when someone shouts out that infamous word ‘Tax-eeee!’

This article was inspired by Lonely Planet’s Everyday Adventures, available at all good bookstores or from Lonely Planet.

Have you ever had such an experience? Would you try this hometown adventure?

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    I gave up “pub crawling” when I got over adolescence.

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    Encouraging overindulgence of alcohol…..
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