Beauty tips for travellers

Sure, we shouldn’t let concerns about appearance disrupt the flow of an amazing getaway. But feeling good about yourself is an easy way to lift your mood and sure makes going through holiday snaps a little more uplifting. There’s no harm in making your travel beauty routine as fast and effective as possible.

Most of us have a pre-existing beauty routine, developed over time and using products we know work well with our skin. When it comes to beauty on the go, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. It’s best not to stray too far from the known path – despite what some cosmetic companies would have you believe. While you can often purchase smaller bottles of your favourite products to make them carry-on safe, it may be financially wiser to purchase small, empty, reusable bottles from a pharmacy and fill them with the products you already own.

Wear two-in-ones
When travelling, space is essential. If you know of a two-in-one product that works for you, it can be a great way of saving space and cutting out a step in your routine. Use a tinted moisturiser rather than a concealer and a separate daytime moisturiser. Many of these products will also have SPF protection, an added bonus for both your skin and packing space. A lip balm with colour pigment helps to keep your lips from drying out and gives you a pop of colour.

Hold off on applying make-up
There’s no point adding extra pressure to the pre-flight rush by doing your make-up before you head to the airport. The dry air on the plane is likely to affect your skin and mascara smudges are a guarantee. Wait until you’ve reached your destination before applying make-up. This will make you feel fresher and give you the confidence boost we all need after disembarking with puffy eyes and dry skin.

Put together a clear toiletries bag that contains some essential items – all 100ml or less – that you can take in your carry-on for easy access. Irene Hatziantoniou and Mary Ditto, aestheticians and owners of North Coast Aesthetic Centre, recommend packing eye drops and dry shampoo for the inevitable post-flight red eyes and greasy hair. Bringing moisturiser, a toothbrush and toothpaste will also keep you feeling fresh on the go.

Wear sunscreen
If you care about your health and beauty – both long and short term – then wearing sunscreen is essential. While it’s common knowledge that wearing sunscreen is one of the best things you can do to prevent both visible ageing and sunburn, few people realise that they can still get burnt inside a plane. The windows on planes don’t block out all UV light, so while you’re enjoying the view of the world from above, the sun may be causing you harm. If you know you’re sitting in a window seat, put sunscreen on your face in preparation.

You may want to carry a separate sunscreen for your face and body. Remember, it can be a very expensive product to buy overseas, so ensure you take some with you.

If you’re concerned that reapplying sunscreen throughout the day could ruin your make-up, consider using brush on sunscreen, a powder with SPF protection that sits on top of your make-up.

Sleep well
The expression ‘beauty sleep’ didn’t come from nowhere. It’s no secret that sleep offers a range of health benefits and makes you look less, well, dishevelled. To avoid jetlag, stay hydrated but don’t drink alcohol or caffeine after 2pm local time. If you have a usual night-time routine, follow it as closely as possible before you go to bed.

Do you have a travel beauty routine? What products do you take away with you?

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Written by Liv Gardiner