Best airports to get stuck in

Elaine got caught in Singapore Airport for seven hours and loved the experience. Now she wants to know if there are any better airports around the world.


Q. Elaine
I had a one-hour stopover in Singapore recently that turned into a seven-hour wait for a flight to London. Fortunately, the place was enormous with plenty on offer and the time flew by. Are there other airports in the same league or did I just get extremely lucky? This experience has made me think more seriously about where I should land for future stopovers.

changi airport

A. You did get extremely lucky as Changi airport is second to none in my humble opinion. It was also voted the world’s best airport at the World Airport Awards. Without leaving the confines of the airport, you can access a movie theatre, outdoor pool (assuming you have you bathers handy) and a butterfly garden. The food is also fantastic, providing a taste of the city’s street food vendors, although with a much higher price tag.

Here are some other great airports around the world to consider when planning where to have stopovers, that won’t be too painful should your flight be delayed or cancelled.

Seoul, South Korea
Lot of shopping and restaurants, similar to Changi airport in that respect, as well as free showers to freshen up before your next flight. The airport also features a cultural centre with performances throughout the day, which is much better than just sitting and watching a television broadcasting programs in a language you don’t understand.

seoul airport

Hong Kong
Probably not the ideal time to stopover in Hong Kong, given the current political unrest, but this airport is also high on the best airport list thanks to an IMAX theatre, a nine-hole golf course and the fantastic food on offer. The shopping is also fantastic.

hong kong airport

Doha, Qatar
The airport has been described as the most architecturally significant terminal complex in the world, as well as being the most luxurious. Doha was voted the best airport in the Middle East and was voted fourth best airport in the world at the World Travel Awards.

doha airport

What’s your favourite foreign airport to get stuck in?

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