Best destinations for solo travellers

Claire has never travelled alone but plans to later this year. She’s asked us about the safest destinations to visit.


Q. Claire
I’m planning to take a holiday without my husband later this year but I’m not sure where to go. I’ve never travelled alone and I’d love to go overseas, but my husband is worried about my safety. Are there any destinations you can recommend?

A. Australians travel alone for many different reasons: their partner isn’t keen on travelling, they don’t have anyone to travel with, or they simply choose to be on their own. However, if you haven’t done it before, solo travel can be a daunting experience.

Fortunately, UK travel insurance provider Get Going has produced a solo travellers’ manual that covers all aspects of travel: from safety to language tips and to hearing from those who have been there. It’s perfect for anyone looking to broaden their world view.

Here are the top three countries to visit based on Get Going’s solo traveller index.

1. Japan

Japan is a place where ancient traditions and culture intertwine with modern life. Whether you are looking to visit the atmospheric Kyoto Temples and Gardens or experiencing the neon-lit streetscapes of Tokyo, Japan has it all. Safety is a great concern to many solo travellers, so it’s worth noting that Japan also has the lowest level of crime out of all countries in the index, as well as being in the top 10 of the world’s Global Peace Ranking.

2. Cuba

Rich in both character and history, the Caribbean island boasts eclectic architecture and ranks as one of the top locations for solo travel. Safety is always a high priority, and travellers can rest assured that the island is a great place to visit and has a low level of crime. If that isn’t enough, Cuba also ranked among the best in terms of beer prices!

3. New Zealand

The islands of New Zealand are littered with sublime forests, imposing mountains and stunning beaches ready for any keen explorer. New Zealand has the highest Global Peace Ranking of all of the countries in the Get Going study. When it comes to the local cuisine you’re spoilt for choice, with a host of eateries to choose from.

The rest of the top 10
4. Spain
5. Germany
6. Canada
7. Ghana
8. Australia
9. Indonesia
10. India

Which country did you first visit as a solo traveller? How did you rate the experience? Can you help Claire with a safe, fun destination?

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