Best value air routes revealed

Travellers looking for the best value flights will love the research recently released by travel aggregator, which has calculated the best value air routes from each Australian state.

“We’ve crunched the numbers to find the most cost-effective flight routes for Aussie travellers and have uncovered some surprising results, varying from a short trip to Auckland, from a long-haul flight to London,” said Kayak Global Hotels & Affiliates managing director, APAC, Hichame Assi.

According to Kayak’s analysis of thousands of flights within Australia and abroad, the best value routes, based on cost per kilometre, are also some of the most popular.


New Zealand – specifically Auckland, (0.17c p/km) Christchurch (0.19c p/km), Wellington (0.19c p/km) – offers the best value for Sydney travellers, followed by Nah Province in Thailand (0.19c p/km) and Queenstown in New Zealand (0.26c p/km) making up the top five.

New Zealand also leads the pack for best value Victorian flights, however Christchurch (0.16c p/km) comes out on top, followed by Auckland (0.17c p/km), Wellington (0.17c p/km), Queenstown (0.19c p/km) and Beijing (0.29c p/km) rounding out the top five.

South Australians get the best value from flights to London (0.09c p/km), Los Angeles (0.10c p/km), Delhi (0.10c p/km), Bangkok (0.12c p/km) and Ngurah Rai, Bali (0.12c p/km).

Further north in Brisbane, the best value flights are to Bali, with Ngurah Rai (0.13c p/km) leading the charge, followed by Christchurch (0.18c p/km), Auckland (0.20c p/km), Nan Nakhon, Thailand (0.23c p/km) then Queenstown, New Zealand (0.25c p/km).

Out west in Perth, you’ll get great value from Kuala Lumpur flights (.09c p/km), followed by Bangkok (0.12c p/km), Phuket (0.12c p/km), Singapore (0.12c p/km) and Ngurah Rai, Bali (0.16c p/km).

Do any of these affordable routes surprise you? Where do you think you get the best value?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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