Canine camera crew capture HK

Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has joined forces with some seriously cute canines to show off the community and culture of one of Hong Kong’s favourite neighbourhoods.

This super cute video features the cool camerawork of local celebrity canine family, WE5, and crew of five Shiba Inu dog breeds who have lived in Old Town Central for eight years.

“It is my Shiba Pack’s Great Honour to be chosen and collaborating with HKTB to promote the ‘Old Town Central’ campaign! Show to the whole world again such amazing collaboration of the Heritage and Modern, Arts, Cultures, and Cuisines all around our neighbourhood, the area we have been living in for almost eight years on and off!” says the happy canine crew’s YouTube page. 

The dogs, who are residents of the Central-Sheung Wan district, took to the streets wearing special cameras mounted on their backs. The cameras took photos when the dogs were happy, so you’ll see their favourite spots and the very best of neighbourhood’s community spirit, as well as Hong Kong culture in an adorably quirky way.

Stars of the promotional campaign, father Yakult, elder sister Mochi, younger sister Mini, brother Toro and mother Yobi, are not only popular with locals, but they also have over 10,000 social media fans.

To take the footage, motion-detecting sensors linked to the cameras were placed near their tails. So, when the dogs’ tails wagged, the cameras captured the people, places and things that made them happy or excited. The video, which took two days to film, features over 400 photographs taken by the canine camera crew.

Hong Kong’s Old Town Central features a number of themed walking tours that allow tourists to take in the best of arts, culture, history, food, shopping and other hidden treasures.

For more information on this and other exciting Hong Kong neighbourhoods, check out the Discover Hong Kong website.

Have you visited Old Town Central in Hong Kong? What do you think of this video?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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