Cheap destinations for solo travel

When you are travelling alone, a safe and affordable destination is a must. Here is our list of some of the best places to go to enjoy solo travel.


Bulgaria isn’t at the forefront of most people’s minds when they think of a European holiday, but its black sand beaches and beautiful cities make it a true hidden gem. And the fact that it is the cheapest place to visit in Europe means you really can’t go past it. In Plovdiv or Sofia, you can join a free tour where you will not only better understand the local culture and history, but also meet other visitors of the city. The walking tour will take you around the major attractions and tell you about the main historical events.


With accommodation and food that costs dollars per day, it’s little wonder that Cambodia is now a favourite destination for budget travellers. Locals are inquisitive and usually only too happy to help, which makes navigating the country pleasurable and extremely easy. This innate hospitality is a primary reason that visitors fall in love with Cambodia, and it’s a quality that makes it ideal for solo travel.


Although this Asian hotspot has enjoyed increasing popularity over the last decade, it’s still surprisingly easy on the bottom line. Just like in neighbouring Cambodia, the people are friendly, the food is incredible and there are some wonderful places to stay. Spend your days haggling for bargains, filling up on excellent food, enjoying a bargain foot massage and seeing temples that showcase incredible artistry. 


Tokyo topped The Economist magazine’s Safe Cities Index last year, and travel-booking platform Agoda found that Japan was the top international destination for Australian solo travellers in that same period. While it is a little more expensive than some places in Asia, tour site Inside Japan features no single supplements, but some departures are allocated to solo travellers only.

New Zealand

The Australian dollar still holds up remarkably well against the New Zealand dollar and it is easy to get cheap flights across the ditch. In terms of safety, New Zealand doesn’t really feel all that different to holidaying in other parts of Australia, but you still get to experience a wholly different culture.

What are some of the best destinations you have visited as a solo traveller?

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