Cheapest cities for a night out

It’s always agreeable to go out to a good dinner and movie, but it’s even nicer to do so on your holiday. So, which cities are the most expensive for a night out, and which are the cheapest?

UBS has compiled a report that reveals the most and least expensive cities in which to go on a date night or for a full-on party.

The study found that Tokyo, New York and Stockholm are the most expensive cities in which to go out on a Friday night. In all three cities, you can expect to pay between US$100 to US$200 for dinner, drinks and a movie. Tokyo is host to the most expensive date night, with a bottle of wine setting you back US$60.

The places where you can enjoy the cheapest Friday night out for two are Prague, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, where you can eat, drink and see a flick for under US$100.

Saturday nights in Zurich, Stockholm and Miami are the most expensive, while the cheapest are in Moscow, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.

Surprisingly, Paris and Sydney are in the middle of the pack, with nights out in these cities being quite affordable compared to the top end.

Even though the cost of living in Sydney is so high, it’s nice to know you can get out and enjoy a date night at a decent rate every now and then.

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How often do you go out on the town? Do you have date nights on holiday? Which city do you think is the most expensive for a night out?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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