China and Russia from $8499pp

The Travel Team have put together two amazing guided tours of China and Russia promising a journey of modern culture and ancient civilization over 23 days from $8499 per person.

The tour begins on the Silk Road, a network of trading routes, that extends for more than 7400km. This tour will take you to some of the famous passages along the Silk Road in China, as well as showing you first-hand why this country is so rich in history.

You’ll dive in head first by visiting the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors, followed by the Bell Tower and Ancient City Walls in Xi’an. See the sand dunes of Sounding-sand Hill before visiting the mirage like Crescent Spring in Dunhuang.

Other highlights include the visiting the Mogao Grottoes, the ruins of Yangguan Pass, Karez underground irrigation system in Turpan, Flaming Mountain and the Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar.

The next leg of your journey will take you aboard your river cruise ship to begin your 12-day Russia waterways tour.

A cruise down Russia’s greatest rivers can be a perfect opportunity for you to take in the beauty of the gorgeous landscapes and worldly architecture. While cruising down the river in Russia, you can enjoy unique Russian cuisine, breathtaking folk music and decorative arts.

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Written by Ben