Citroen’s sea sickness solution

They say it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Whether you’re pressing your nose up against a window and taking in the landscape or you’ve snuggled in to enjoy a book or movie, when you’re overseas getting from A to B can be an adventure in itself. However, while there are many different ways to enjoy travelling, there’s one sure way to ruin it – motion sickness.

If you’re on a boat, train, bus or even a car ride, once motion sickness strikes you’d do pretty much anything to have it disappear. Even if that anything involved wearing a set of Willy Wonka style glasses with four lenses …

Citroen has invented this pair of ‘Seetroen’ glasses that work with 95 per cent effectiveness to eliminate all forms of motion sickness and are selling them for $155. They work by creating a false horizon line, as the blue liquid sitting inside the rims moves as one, grounding your senses and allowing them to coordinate again. They recommend that as soon as you feel the warning signs of motion sickness, slip on the glasses and wait 10–15 minutes, after which you can take them off and you’ll be feeling fine!

Unlike the adverse side effects of medication and remedies aiming to ease motion sickness, the down side of wearing these glasses involves you looking like you’ve stepped out of a children’s book and struggling to get a date.

We many not recommend trying to get someone’s number while you’re wearing these goofy goggles, but at least they’re more attractive than throwing up in someone’s lap.

If you’re one of the one in three people who experience motion sickness, would you try out these glasses to steady a spinning head?

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Written by Liv Gardiner

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