Coach tours

If you enjoy travelling as part of a group, coach tours are a relatively affordable, wonderfully relaxing (and efficient!) way to travel to all sorts of interesting places with like-minded new friends.

Seniors Coach Tours offer over 100 tours tailored to the 60 plus traveller. With tours operating throughout Australia, New Zealand and Norfolk Island they offer a chance to soak up the natural beauty, history and culture of the regions they pass through. For more information visit the Senior Coach Tours website.

AAT Kings has over 85 years experience in the travel industry and offers a wide range of tours to suit different tastes around Australia and New Zealand from guided tours to explorer tours, short and day tours. To view a list of the ‘best buy’ tours, visit the AAT Kings website.

Also, if you enjoy doing your own research for the best deals, the Best Coach Tours website offers a service for comparing coach tour deals amongst participating travel companies. It’s well worth checking out. 

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