Compact suit folder

Travelling somewhere with an important event upon arrival and can’t afford to get your suit crumpled on the journey? Or are you heading off on a cruise with a big dinner date on the first night?

This compact suit folder might be for you.

This handy device is small enough to fit into most travel bags or suitcases. Unlike other devices, you fold your pants, tie and suit jacket around it so they’re all contained and can’t be wrinkled, crinkled or dirtied. It’s lightweight and includes easy to understand diagrammed instructions printed on the folder itself, so you’ll save weight, space and your date night all in one go.

Most of all, it means you won’t have to carry around an inconvenient garment bag, and you’ll look sharp wherever in the world you’re headed.

Find yours at

Do you often travel with a suit? Will this gadget change the way you pack?

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