Convertible travel clothing

When travelling, space and practicality are of the essence. The more efficient and versatile clothing is, the better. Here are the top picks for travel clothing items from

Zip-off Pants

Yes, we admit that pants that zip off at the knee have become the global symbol for ‘middle aged couple goes abroad’, but this is a testament to their practicality and comfort. Not only do these transformable pants save you space in your suitcase, they also allow you to turn shorts into more appropriate pants and vice versa should the weather take a turn while you’re far away from your accommodation.  


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: a sarong is one of the most useful items you can carry while traveling. When tied correctly it can be used as a dress, a scarf, or skirt or a shawl. Don’t be afraid to use it as a last-minute sheet, a picnic rug or for sun protection. It’s lightweight and versatile, making it ideal for travelling; and it can easily be whipped out to extend the length of clothing should you need to do so at some sacred tourist sites.

Interchange Jacket

These jackets for both women and men have layers that include a waterproof shell and a warm inner layer that can be worn separately. If you’re travelling through multiple climates or the weather is unpredictable, these jackets are a great way to keep warm without the extra baggage space.

Vinyasa scarf

Lululemon have produced one of the most versatile items of clothing we’ve seen. The Vinyasa Scarf has small snaps that allow you to pin it into a variety of shapes, including a shirt, a cardigan, a shawl or a small blanket. Made in a variety of colours and from warm, quick-drying material, it definitely pulls its weight while travelling.

Convertible Mens Shirt

It’s a four-way stretch fabric that’s lightweight, has good ventilation (mesh vents), convertible sleeves, two zipped chest pockets, and, importantly, its fabric is treated to protect against UV. The Travelling Stretch Convertible Men’s Shirt is great for hiking or trekking, and at the end of the night, if you want to keep it classy, simply roll down the sleeves.

What essential items do you always take with you when travelling? Are there any versatile clothes you’d recommend to our readers?

Written by Liv Gardiner


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