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Cruising is relaxing – you only need to unpack once – and yet you will visit many different destinations – the perfect senior travel experience.

Whether you jump on a Russian ice-breaker, cruise the Rhine or take a cargo ship in Mexico, a cruise is a stress-free holiday suitable for all ages, from grandchildren to pre-retirees and beyond, there’s a cruise that’s right for you.

What is it really like to work on a cruise ship?

Cruise insiders tell what it's like to work on a cruise ship.

Cruise Alaska’s Inside Passage and explore the Canadian Rockies

The Inside Passage is a must for anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience.

Video: Sneak peek inside the crew quarters on a cruise ship

Have you ever wondered what's behind the ‘crew only' sign?

Which laws apply on a cruise ship in international waters?

Cruise ships are a place for relaxation, but what happens when things go awry?

Video: Secrets that cruise crews don't want you to know

A quick video that exposes some of the things cruise crews don't want you to know.

Kimberley Cruises scraps solo supplement

Singles can travel the Kimberley coast without paying a supplement.

Are passengers expected to tip cruise ship workers?

Dolores wonders if she should budget for tips when she goes on a cruise.

Meditation in motion: is a wellness cruise for you?

A river cruise is not necessarily about the scenery and destinations …

Your next cruise just got better with these sneaky tips for cruise ships

Cruise guru Jocelyn Pride shares her sneaky tips for getting the most from cruise ships.

Cruise around southern Australia for 12 nights from $1403pp

Sail return from Sydney and cruise the best destinations of southern Australia.

Royal Caribbean unveils the world’s largest cruise ship

Royal Caribbean announces that, in April 2018, it will launch the world's biggest cruise ship.

Seven tips to help you take control of your cruise experience

Seven tips from seasoned sailors will ensure that you ‘own' your next cruise experience.

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