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Cruising is relaxing – you only need to unpack once – and yet you will visit many different destinations – the perfect senior travel experience.

Whether you jump on a Russian ice-breaker, cruise the Rhine or take a cargo ship in Mexico, a cruise is a stress-free holiday suitable for all ages, from grandchildren to pre-retirees and beyond, there’s a cruise that’s right for you.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji offering three free nights and half-price cruises

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji has released its schedule for next year, so now is the time to plan.

Eight in 10 cruisers think they’re covered by Medicare

‘Once you're out on the water; you're on your own in terms of healthcare,' says travel insurance

Mediterranean fly, stay and cruise package from $6375pp, twin share

Luxury fly, stay and play packages have never been more affordable.

Travel SOS: when is the best time to book a cruise?

Gemma wants to know when is the best time to book a cruise.

Six free things you can get on a cruise if you ask

Cruise expert Gary Bembridge reveals the six free things you can get on your next cruise -

CMV cruise boss explains the science behind creating a compelling cruise season

Imagine putting together six different seasons for a fleet of ships cruising around the world.

The best way to visit one of Australia's greatest natural wonders

It's not too late to book your 2019 Kimberley cruise, and first-time guests can save $1400 on

Helen Mirren named Scenic Eclipse’s godmother

Could you choose a more perfect embodiment of the design and ethos of Scenic Eclipse?

Travel Vision: Which European cruise are you?

If a river cruise is on your wish list, look no further than Avalon Waterways as your host.

Annoying habits that drive cruise passengers crazy

Travel expert Gary Bembridge shares the 12 things that drive cruisers crazy.

Chatting with the Captain of the Reef Endeavour

Ever wanted to meet a real life sea captain? You can on the Reef Endeavour.

Are there companies that do cruises around Australia?

Colin and his wife would like to tour Australia by sea, but is this even possible?

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