Experience a thrilling King Crab adventure in Norway

Sail with Viking Cruises, for a bucket-list experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Experience a thrilling King Crab adventure in Norway

The Kamchatka Crab, also known as the red king crab, is the largest species of king crab, often weighing over 12kg and measuring up to 2m from claw to claw. Named after the colour it turns when it’s cooked, the highly sought-after delicacy is the most coveted of the commercially sold king crab species. The red king crab is protected by diplomatic accords between Norway and Russia with only 259 Norwegian fishermen allowed to catch them.

On the Viking cruise, Into the Midnight Sun, guests can catch a king crab on an optional shore excursion in Honningsvåg, Norway. After a safety briefing on the pier and changing into a neck-to-toe flotation suit, guests are taken by deep sea raft through the pristine waters of Sarnesfjorden to a king crab marine farm. Once witnessing the fisherman harvesting the prized crab, the rafts return to shore with the catch. A traditional Sami tent awaits, where the crab is cooked, washed three times in fresh seawater then served with semi sweet biscuits, slices of lemon and creamy mayonnaise. 

You’ll not find this type of experiences anywhere else but with Viking Cruises. So, go on, add this to your bucket list! The Into the Midnight Sun cruise sets sail between June–July 2019 and 2020. The 15-day cruise leaves from Bergen and arrives in London (or vice versa) and is priced from $9595 per person in a Veranda stateroom.


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    2nd Oct 2018
    WTF!! Really??!! Kill a creature while on holidays just for the experience!
    4th Oct 2018
    Been there. Lovely scenery, but people have weird morals; they kill whales mainly for the tourists, as the locals don't like it much. What they did to the Sami people is just as bed as what we did to the Aboriginals.
    Despite the novels and films, their history during WW2 is the same as the French; lose out, then life goes on just the same. They did not help the Allies much.

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