Avoiding cabin fever on a cruise

Do you like the idea of cruising, but worry that you might get bored?

Avoiding cabin fever on a cruise

Do you like the idea of cruising, but worry that you might get bored? There is plenty to do on a cruise if you choose the right itinerary and ship; however, being prepared for a little downtime will help allay your fears. Discover how to avoid cabin fever and get the most out of your seafaring holiday.

Choose the right ship
One of the best ways to avoid getting bored on a cruise is to pick a really big ship. Some vessels are so large that they almost have neighbourhoods within their decks. On some of the largest ships you can rock climb, play miniature golf, surf, take cooking classes, visit a spa, work out in the gym, lie by the ‘beach’ or in a hot tub, go zip-lining, go ice-skating, watch live entertainment, learn to scuba dive, go shopping, visit the bar and try karaoke – all on the one ship. If this isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you might also like to take a book.

Plan your port stops
On most cruises you will spend at least half of the days in port. Spend your cruising time researching your next destination – using a combination of guide books, the internet and advice from the ship’s staff – so you can make the most of your time ashore. This will help you to pass the time and become excited about the sights you are soon to see and experience.

Take lots of books
Or take your tablet. How often do you get the space to just sit and read, or to watch your favourite television show on your tablet, uninterrupted? A cruise can be a great way to enjoy ‘enforced’ relaxation time – that is, you don’t have to be up and doing something every moment of every day. Find a nice shady spot on the deck, sit by the pool or enjoy sprawling out on your private balcony, and settle in with your favourite form of quiet entertainment. If you are travelling with a friend, you might like to consider playing a game of cards or challenging them to a game of chess.

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    14th Feb 2015
    Or unless you're a real snob, get out of your cabin and go and meet people. Get out on deck, whether it be around the pool or just on one of the many lounges around the ship, one of the coffee shops or bars, there is always someone around who is willing to have a chat. You don't have to bare your soul, but a bit of light conversation about where you're from, what you think of the cruise, your cruising experience - even if it's your first cruise it doesn't matter, every cruiser has to have a first one. There is always the possibility the people you speak to may have done the cruise before so they are aware of what are the sights to see at you coming port of call and if any, what areas you should avoid.
    14th Feb 2015
    Don't know why anyone would get cabin fever - you should only be in there to sleep. btw our P&O cruise had a library so no need to take books, a tablet/kindle maybe but trust me you won't have too much spare time to bother. Get out on deck and get some fresh air into your lungs and blow the cobwebs away.
    14th Feb 2015
    What's a SNOB got to do with it ??

    I have been on 11 cruises and I don't particularly want to suss anyone out for a conversation.. if a conversation starts up well that's ok, I will go along with it. Even in the dining room, we prefer to sit at a table for 2, nothing wrong with us, and we are not
    snobs.. just don't want to have chit chat at that time.

    Anyway.... I did take my Kindle also my portable DVD player and enjoyed using both. I also attended the Casino twice per day, coffee shop, went for a pizza about midnight, ate the free ice-creams during the day/night.. I love my cruises.. ooh yes.. went to the hairdressors, floor shows if I felt like it...had my own private balcony in the last few cruises, actually I didn't seem to use it much at all LOL.. You never now how the cruise is going to turn out, I think it is wise to take your Kindle, DVD player, you can always listen and watch a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta on it... that is a buzz on the high seas.. and don't forget it you get bored, go and have a snooze before dinner, it doesn't hurt before you glam up for the evening, and that's only if you want to... you can always dine in the 'Bistro'.. your call.

    The last few cruises, I found it hard to walk the kilometres, so purchased a 'TRAVELSCOOT' scooter, you find them on the web - cost $2,600 but worth the price if you need one, actually I found mine at a cheaper price on GumTree. I could have sold heaps - everyone loved it.. and it certainly makes the cruise really special if you have difficulty with bad knees/breathlessness... some elderly passengers were really dragging themselves around with the younger family members, I felt sorry for them. You can bring on the ship a hired wheelchair from your home Chemist, but you are not allowed the use of the cruise ships chairs. Just a thought to make or break your cruise if you have medical problems. The 'Travelscoot' that is the name, folds down to quite small and comes in a travel bag that, when flying, you can fit the bag, scooter as well, into the holding bay above your seat. fantastic.

    Cruising is wonderful, if you've never taken one before, you should try it.. and you make the cruise work for you. One major problem is using the Internet through them.. usually situated in the Library.. it is quite costly ($30)for a very short duration - but also it takes for ages to get hooked up, therefore using up the $30 before you start to email your friends.. that maybe be ok for some. I asked for a refund as even the IT guy there to help, couldn't get it to work.. and he gave up too. Shame as we would love to send ongoing emails to our friends from the ship.

    Anyway, enough of my twopence worth.. Just take a cruise, it will be 'time of your life'
    I haven't many complaints in all my cruises, go with an open mind and leave the hostile character at home if the cap fits. LOL.
    17th Feb 2015
    Any advice to cabin fever on the Indian Pacific. We have to travel cattle class so sitting up all night. We don't want to take too much as we will fly home. thanks

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