Bedhopping in the Med

Author, journalist and tour guide Ann Rickard is the kind of girl you’d love to hate – except she’s so funny and so honest. Her latest travelogue, Three in a Bed in the Med, details a riotous journey in France and Italy. That is, until she starts to wonder if her best friend and fellow guide, Amanda, is stealing Ann’s husband, Geoffrey…

Ann and Geoffrey had met New Zealand-born Amanda a few years earlier in the south of France. Amanda was the owner of a villa there and spent up to nine months each year living the good life on the Cote d’Azur. They hit it off immediately and after a jam-packed two weeks enjoying local cuisine, wines and interaction with the locals, decided this was the type of touring many Australians would love as well. So a tour company was formed, with Ann and Amanda jointly hosting, and the ever-faithful Geoffrey driving the mini van, carrying the bags, and being an all-round nice guy. Initially Ann finds Amanda’s voracious appetite for younger men extremely amusing. But as they travel further afield, Amanda’s growing admiration for Geoffrey starts to grate. With a backdrop of some of the most stunning villages in the Mediterranean, not to mention the most interesting local eateries, Ann shares their journey and its resolution. A winner of the prestigious Australian Society of Travel Writers’ Travel Writer of the Year in 2005 and Travel Book of the Year in 2007, Ann’s prose is both amusing and incisive. If the measure of a good travel book is to make you want to go – then Three in a Bed in the Med measures up beautifully.

Great summer reading

Ann Rickard

Radge Publishing

RRP $24.95

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