Conserving the environment

Journeying through some of the most at risk areas of the globe must come at a cost but with plenty of care and passion for the environment, conserving this piece of paradise is what it’s all about.

Hurtigruten’s destinations sit at the very ends of the earth, boasting some of the rarest and most unique wildlife on the globe. With destinations that house some of the most fragile environments in existence, the cruise-line is especially passionate about maintaining the natural state of these posts. Hurtigruten is serious about environmental impacts and works hard to keep a very close eye on its carbon footprint. And it does so in a number of different ways.

Hurtigruten ensures that its ships impart minimal impact on the environment by using vessels that have supplied the Norwegian communities for generations. These are ships that have been designed to sail the Arctic waters, and have acted as a lifeline for the coastal communities for as long as they have sailed these seas. They also make sure to use smaller landing boats when docking to minimise their impact on the coastline.

Aboard all voyages, specialists and local experts have been employed to enrich the passengers’ travel experience with their immense knowledge of the surrounding environments.

Another way Hurtigruten keeps tabs on its impact on the environment is through its membership with the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise (AECO). This organisation makes certain that cruises are undertaken with absolute care and consideration for their surrounding environments (natural and cultural).

Hurtigruten’s Climate Voyage through Spitsbergen has been specifically crafted to highlight the effects climate change has had on the wildlife and natural environments of Norway and Svalbard. Shore landings, lectures and discussions are held to get you better acquainted with this serious, topical issue.