Cruise along the mighty Yangtze

Begin your Yangtze experience in cosmopolitan Chongqing or in much smaller Yichang to the east in Hubei province.The choice is yours.


The Yangtze cruise is once-in-a-lifetime journey which cuts through the magnificently-carved Three Gorges, before or after going through the gigantic locks of the Three Gorges Dam. Experience the magnificence of the Yangtze as your Victoria Cruises luxury ship slices through the famous sharply rising natural wonders of gorges Qutang, Wu and Xiling.
The Three Gorges Dam, a massive hydroelectric project that defies belief, adds another dimension to the experience. Visit the site and then witness the marvel of the huge locks which lift each ship past the dam for a smooth passage onwards.
Fascinating Shibaozhai and Wanzhou are included on shore excursions and, depending on the water levels, a detour is made by boat along the Daning River or Shennong Stream (polers push passengers along through the fresh clear waters of this tributary passing quaint river beaches).
Chongqing, also known as ‘the mountain city’, sprawls over steep slopes 240m above sea level. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Sichuan Basin at the confluence of the Jaling and Yangtze rivers, giving it the appearance of a peninsula. Important historic sites include Mt Jinyun with its nine peaks, and a 1500-year-old temple. About 150km northwest of Chongqing is the famous UNESCO World Heritage-listed Dazu rock carvings, dating back more than 1000 years.
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