Cruising Tips

How to pack for a cruise

With so many activities and facilities on offer, packing for a cruise can be overwhelming. Here's

Cruising: are you missing out because of myths?

Kay O'Sullivan lays out the truth of what it's like to holiday at sea.

How to cruise industry will change in 2020

Cruising has come a long way over the years, and this recent report suggests there's more exciting

Travel SOS: Best cruise for non-cruisers

Anna wants to take her family on a cruise and wants to know which one is best.

CMV cruise boss explains the science behind creating a compelling cruise season

Imagine putting together six different seasons for a fleet of ships cruising around the world.

Top eight mistakes made by first-time cruisers

Are you a first-time cruiser? Would you have made the same common eight mistakes as these first-time

The stress-free way to disembark from your cruise ship

Finishing your cruise can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Travel SOS: Can I prepay my onboard cruise card?

Carole want to know the best way to pay her onboard expenses on her first cruise.

Cruise ship cabins you should avoid

If you want your cruise to be smooth sailing, here are the cabins you should avoid.

Five essential cruise tips to save you time and money

Essential tips to help you save time, money and to make the most of your voyage.

Don’t feel out at sea when it comes to choosing a cruise

Dr Tiana Templeman shares her top tips for choosing a cruise that's right for you.

Super ice-breakers for solo cruisers

These five conversation starters are invaluable for those travelling alone.

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