Australian freighter travel

Travelling by freighter is fast becoming a popular area of the travel market and YOURLifeChoices subscriber, John, would like to take such a trip in Australian waters.

Q. John
I can’t find any company which offers passenger trips in Australian waters on freighters. Do you know of any?

A. Unfortunately not every ship which moves freight is licensed to accept travellers and most that do, travel around the world. Also, there may be issues with clearing customs if you get board at one Australian port and disembark at another. I would suggest contacting Freighter Cruises who arrange worldwide trips by freighter but also cover New Zealand and the South Pacific. They may be able to arrange a trip in Australian waters for you. You can find their details by clicking YOURLifeChoices link to Freighter Cruisers.

Also, you may wish to contact one of the many companies in Australia which deal in sea freight as they may be aware of which ships on which routes can carry passengers. One such company is Wembley Cargo. You can contact them by clicking the YOURLifeChoices link to Wembley Cargo.

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