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When it comes to new ports of call, cruise lines are always in competition to provide guests with new places to explore, as well as giving them bragging rights among their friends and fellow cruise fans when they get home. With every season, new destinations are opening up to cruise lines across the four corners of the globe; here’s a snapshot of what’s new, and what’s at these ports of call for cruise guests to enjoy. 

Burgas, Bulgaria 
This is a relatively new port of call in the southern Black Sea, and a jumping off point for land-based travellers visiting the resorts and historic towns further north. For cruise guests, however, the main attraction is easy access to Nessebar, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Sozopol, famous for ancient and renaissance buildings. 

Cape Verde Islands
This arrow-shaped archipelago sits halfway between Africa and Brazil in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, and is featured on selected world cruises. Some of the islands include Santo Antao, famous for craggy peaks, green valleys and sugar cane, and Boa Vista, where sand dunes meet the blue ocean. 

Carthage, Tunisia
This ancient city was founded in a 9th-century BC by the Phoenicians, and is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Straddling a hill above the Gulf of Tunis, Carthage also has a long maritime history, with its position in the Mediterranean affording it great power and influence as a key trading port. 

Grand Turk, The Caribbean
Part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk is small even by Caribbean standards. It offers cruise visitors a laid-back island experience, with scenery and historic charm, unspoiled beaches, and quality snorkelling and diving around a pristine coral reef. 

Helsingborg, Sweden
This small and picturesque town is just 20 minutes by boat from neighbouring Helsingor in Denmark, the two regarded as the world’s oldest twin cities. Both have many alluring attractions including castles, magnificent gardens, and sandy beaches, offering a rare opportunity to explore two cities in two different countries in a single port of call! 

Kanazawa, Japan 
This port of call has many cultural attractions for cruise visitors. During World War II it was one of only two cities to escape destruction, with attractions including the Nagamachi samurai district, and the chaya entertainment district remaining in good condition. Its top attraction is the landscaped garden of Kenrokuen. 

Le Palais, France 
Situated in Brittany, just 15 kilometres offshore, it’s the main town on Belle-Île and the region’s largest island. Le Palais has a temperate climate, 60 beaches and is marked by the star-shaped Citadelle Vauban which dates back to the eighteenth-century. 

Loreto, Mexico 
A quaint town tucked away on the Baja California coast, Loreto is a watersport paradise, and home to the magnificent Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto, where the coastline, ocean and nearby islands are protected from damage and over-fishing. The town is also said to be one of the oldest human settlements on the Baja Peninsula, dating back to 1697. 

Ullapool, Scotland
This picturesque fishing town sits on edge of Lochbroom, and is a gateway to the Northern Highlands. Besides a pristine environment, it offers walks, mountain views, access to the Outer Hebridean islands of Stornoway and Lewis, and the Inverpolly National Nature Reserve, which is home to pine martins, wildcats and golden eagles.


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